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Beta Wave - The new EP from Limbic System

Beta Wave Brighton launch

We're playing Latest Music Bar on Friday 16th August. We're bringing along some amazing acts including Electronica Folk-Hop Yew 3ree, Hooping and Bellydancing Amora Divine, DJ sets and an awesome lightshow. Tickets only £5 on the door or £4 (+40p fee) at WE GOT TICKETS

Limbic System debut EP 'Alpha Wave'

Alpha Wave is the debut EP from Limbic System. 6 diverse tracks including the symphonic Defeat and heavy electronic Evidence.

Upcoming Shows
Past Shows
13/02/2014 The Good Ship - London 5 electronic groups!
16/11/2013 Underbelly Hoxton - London On @8pm as part of a 4 band lineup
16/08/2013 Latest Music Bar - Brighton with Yew 3ree
18/07/2013 Sticky Mike's - Brighton
15/07/2013 Dublin Castle - London with Dicepeople
11/07/2013 Fiddlers Elbow - London
21/12/2012 The Cavendish - London
26/08/2012 Chetters - Brighton with Quantro Quattero

Beta Wave- the latest EP from Limbic System

Alpha Wave- the debut EP from Limbic System

About Limbic System

Mixing huge electronic beats with concert harp and rock guitar, Limbic System are a unique band in every respect. Inspired by Massive Attack, Air and Porcupine Tree, they set out to create a sound which will get you rocking one minute and give you goosebumps the next.

Limbic System Live @ Latest Music Bar - Brighton
Limbic System Live @ Latest Music Bar - Brighton

In early 2011, Martin, Simon, and Alexandra decided to start a band. They discovered they all shared a similar taste in music. Experimenting with different sounds and ideas, the EP Alpha Wave was completed. Oliver joined with his guitar at first just to help out with live events, but soon worked his way into the creative process, becoming an official member, and the band performed for their first event in August 2012.

Limbic System @ Black Wookie Studios
Limbic System @ Black Wookie Studios

Simon and Alexandra are classically trained musicians, although Simon ventured off into the world of electronic music early on, while Alexandra became a professional classical harpist. Martin learned various instruments from a young age, progressing to sound engineering later on, and Oliver was inspired to learn guitar by legendary rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes and Asia. With these varied skills between them, Limbic System aim to create music which is artistic and slightly different to the norm.

Limbic System
Limbic System

Alexandra King
Alexandra King - Harp/Vocals

Alexandra originally trained as a classical pianist, but eventually switched to harp. She has always had a passion for the late 19th Century composers: Debussy, Ravel, Grieg and Chopin, and the music of virtuoso harpists Salzedo and Grandjany. She also grew up with the sounds of legendary Progressive Rock bands Pink Floyd and Yes, and later on, Tool, Opeth, Katatonia and Porcupine Tree.

Alexandra had absolutely no idea about electronic music until she met Simon in 2007, when he introduced her to Pendulum and Daft Punk.

When not playing with the band, Alexandra is a freelance performer and teacher. She has played for celebrities such as Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman, Robin Gibb and Robert Smith, in addition to performing concerts for royalty and on TV. Check out for more info.

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett - Keyboards/Vocals

When Simon was a young boy, he asked his parents for singing lessons. They got him piano lessons instead. He picked up the bass guitar at 11, saxophone at 15, and has been performing in bands of various different genres since 1999.

His interest in electronic music started early when he began mixing tapes using his dad's old tape deck. Using GM sounds with Midi Orchestror, he started creating his own electronic music aged 7, then sampling audio with Acid a couple of years later.

Simon has an extremely varied taste in music, ranging from Rachmaninoff, through to The Beatles, Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and then Amon Tobin, Submotion Orchestra, Pendulum, Justice, Daft Punk, and to Alexandra's annoyance... Rob Swire's Knife Party.

Oliver King
Oliver King - Guitar

Oliver started learning guitar at the age of 7, having lessons on and off, although it wasn't until he was 16 that his interest in music really kicked in. Practising for hours, he drove his sister up the wall, until one day she came home from university and discovered that he was actually quite good.

He has diverse musical influences, from the Prog Rock of Pink Floyd, Asia and Yes, metal bands Tool, Opeth, and Katatonia, the more experimental Porcupine Tree and various other Steven Wilson projects, to electronic music, ambient and otherwise: Amon Tobin, Purity Ring, The New Law and Eskmo.

Martin McCann
Martin McCann - Drums

Martin’s musical journey began with his first keyboard at the age of 8, learning to play popular songs by ear to impress his classmates. Despite being expressly forbidden he later moved to his father's guitar, only playing when he wasn't home! Trumpets, recorders and violins later a cheap drum kit came along and he was hooked!

He later found his spiritual home in the studio of the local sound engineering college, studying some courses twice for no other reason than to extend his stay there. There he was learned the wonders of MIDI and his own home studio soon started to come together; all managed from an Atari computer and synchronised to a reel to reel tape machine.

Growing up in a house full of Motown and funk he found his own taste with nineties grunge and rock and later with breakbeat, techno and ambient. It was the electronic scene which sparked an interest in mixing vinyl in the local clubs and occasional underground free parties. Now with a very varied musical taste he is slowly coming round to the idea that even some country music can be good. Some.

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